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  Fixed IP cameras

  New from the manufacturer Pelco, Inc is the Sarix Professional (Pro) Series 3 Fixed IP cameras. Offered in minidome, bullet, box, and wedge configurations, these IP cameras allow for deployment across a range of indoor and outdoor applications, the makers say, including low light and wide dynamic range capabilities with options of 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP resolutions.

  Sarix Pro 3 cameras are the firm says for commercial, government, healthcare, and education uses. Kevin Saldanha, Principal Product Manager, said: "The Sarix Pro 3 IP Camera Series solves real security video challenges in a broad range of industries by providing more security detail in challenging scenes with excellent low light and wide dynamic range performance. In healthcare and education verticals, where vandalism and bi-directional audio communication is required, this camera series has models with IK10 vandal resistance and built-in microphones that can meet those requirements seamlessly. For Commercial industry-related needs that require several hundreds to thousands of high-resolution cameras with 24/7 monitoring on a limited budget, the Sarix Pro 3 Series delivers cost-savings with less bandwidth and storage requirements supported by h.265 video encoding and Pelco Smart Compression."

  The Sarix Pro 3 series features:

  Detail in low light with up to 120dB True Wide Dynamic Range, to bring out detail in both very bright and dark areas for use in places with dark and light areas in one scene, such as entrances.

  Adaptive IR Illumination (up to 50m for dome cameras and up to 80m for bullet cameras). The adaptive IR Illuminator avoids over-exposure that can hinder detection as objects approach the camera. One camera can provide wide, yet detailed coverage with resolutions up to 5MP at 30 frames per second (FPS) according to the developers. This level of clarity allows customers to view number plate numbers and faces. To capture fast moving objects in traffic, casinos, banking, and commercial uses, the 5MP camera models can stream 60 FPS for up to 4MP resolution. The products use the h.265 video compression standard, and Pelco Smart Compression. All three independent streams (H.265/H.264/MJEPG) are configurable with video encoding, resolution, and frame rate.

  The series offers bi-directional audio with audio line-in and line-out. A microphone is also included in the indoor dome. The products come with IK10, IP66, and IP67 ratings and a wide operating temperature. The cameras' housings are built using metal construction and select camera models are it's claimed suitable for areas prone to tampering and vandalism, such as prisons, hospitals, and schools. IP66 and IP67-rated models are available for water and dust protection, while environmental models can operate in extreme temperatures (between minus 40 degrees to 60°C).

  An installation is with a single-wire PoE connection; 24VAC and 12VDC power options are also available for install. These cameras work with VideoXpert on H.264/H.265 and with Endura and Digital Sentry along with VxToolbox. They are also ONVIF Profile S, G, Q, and T compliant and work with third-party video management systems that conform to these ONVIF Profiles.


  制造商Pelco,Inc.公司推出了其新產品,Sarix Professional(Pro)3系列固定IP攝像機。制造表示,這些IP攝像機適用于迷你半球,子彈型,盒式和楔形攝像機配置,可在各種室內和室外應用中進行部署,包括低照度和寬動態范圍功能,并提供1MP,2MP,3MP和5MP分辨率的選項。

  該公司表示,Sarix Pro 3攝像機可用于商業,政府,醫療保健和教育用途。首席產品經理Kevin Saldanha表示:"Sarix Pro 3 IP攝像機系列通過在具有挑戰性的弱光和寬動態范圍場景中,提供了更多的安全細節,從而解決了眾多行業中真正的安全視頻挑戰。在醫療保健和教育行業中,防止故意破壞和雙向音頻通信功能是必需具備的,此攝像機系列具有可抵抗IK10破壞的型號,并且內置麥克風可以無縫滿足這些要求。對于與商業行業相關的需求,即在有限的預算內需要數百至數千個具有24/7監控功能的高分辨率攝像機,Sarix Pro 3系列可通過h.265視頻編碼和Pelco智能壓縮技術來減少的帶寬和存儲需求來節省成本。"

  Sarix Pro 3系列具有以下特點:


  自適應紅外照明(半球攝像機最大照明范圍50m,子彈頭攝像機最大照明范圍80m)。自適應紅外照明器避免了過度曝光,因為當物體接近攝像機時,該過度曝光會妨礙檢測。開發人員稱,一臺攝像機可以提供廣泛而詳細的覆蓋范圍,分辨率高達5MP,每秒30幀(FPS)。這種清晰程度允許客戶查看車牌號和駕駛員的面孔。為了捕獲交通,賭場,銀行和商業用途中的快速移動物體,5MP攝像頭模型可以流式傳輸60 FPS以獲得高達4MP的分辨率。該產品使用h.265視頻壓縮標準和Pelco智能壓縮。所有三個獨立的流(H.265 / H.264 / MJEPG)均可通過視頻編碼,分辨率和幀頻進行配置。


  安裝使用單線PoE連接;還可以安裝24VAC和12VDC電源選件。這些攝像機與H.264 / H.265上的VideoXpert以及Endura和Digital Sentry以及VxToolbox一起使用。它們還符合ONVIFS,G,Q和T協議,并與符合這些ONVIF標準協議的第三方視頻管理系統一起使用。

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